Web3Montréal - 2023 Roadmap

Ryoma Martin
February 15, 2023

Over the last year, Web3Montréal has seen significant growth both from a community perspective as well as its management team. In 2022, we hosted 3 events and 4 workshops, with attendance totalling over 500 enthusiasts with whom we had the opportunity to learn and connect. Our partnerships have grown to include local universities and communities, providing broader exposure to the Web3 ecosystem in Montréal.

Our Telegram and Discord groups grew to over 600 members, and continues to be active daily as our members exchange their brightest ideas for Web3.  This blog will cover a quick summary of what to expect in 2023, for initiatives and goals set for Web3MTL and its community. 

2023 Roadmap


As a community, events that gather like-minded individuals as well as newcomers are extremely important for us.  Our mission is to host  better educational and networking events, catering to different areas of Web3 to provide a well-rounded experience for the Montréal scene in Web3.

Additionally, we understand the importance of maintaining smaller, intimate gatherings that foster knowledge exchanges and genuine conversations.  Our goal is to host monthly, casual gatherings among tech and web3-specific communities to provide  a consistent and familiar environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing a piece of their wisdom.

Our current partnership with Notman House, for instance, is a monthly meetup every second Wednesday of the month where we invite experts from the field in discussing a variety of topics with the audience, and we will keep it so for the coming year as well.


Gathering a community not only comes with events but also by offering a co-working space ready and available to all! For 2023, the Web3MTL team has been looking for an area to act as some sort of head quarter where the Montréal Web3 community can gather, work and meet in one single place. In fact, the Mont-Royal Insiders Cafe & Cowork is a cozy venue where every Thursday, the Web3 scene gathers and works together. Located at 4451 St Denis (3 minute walk from the Mont-Royal Station metro), it offers day passes for visitors ($18/day for public, and if we like it we’ll be offering a discount package for Web3MTL members!), fast wifi, free coffee and snacks, numerous events throughout the week and is run by a fantastic gentleman named Mario.

Insiders Cafe on St-Denis

Online presence

With our new website on its way, we have a couple of plans on improving our online presence to act as an anchor point on all things Web3 and Montréal. Not only will it serve as an events calendar, it will also foster important resources for anyone to be able to understand and learn about Web3 overall. We will also make sure to provide insightful, valuable online content onto our socials and expand our online presence through Twitter, Instagram, Discord and LinkedIn. Hosting online-native events is also on our radar, such as Twitter Spaces.

Community and Education

In 2022, we were able to come speak and present at over 3 universities and 2 different communities. We want to keep doing so and provide a valuable impact to communities outside of Web3Montréal. Social impact is an important factor of our non-profit umbrella and we will keep these initiatives forward.

If you are a leader of a community, student-run association or part of a group that would benefit from learning more about Web3, reach out to us either by email or by messaging members of the W3M team directly!

Words from the W3M team

"What I'm most excited for is setting up our board of advisors and onboarding industry partners, getting feedback from the brightest minds in the space in order to make web3montreal a driving force for web3 adoption in our city, province and country!"

- Jean-Luc Pellerin, President

“I’m incredibly proud of the team for all we’ve accomplished in our inaugural year, which was made possible through the unwavering support of our fantastic community. As we move into the new year, our aim is to continue nurturing the growth of the Web3 community in Montreal and broaden the range of services and events we offer to the ecosystem.”

- Jonathan Mirarchi, Co-Founder


As a team of 12 people, Web3Montréal is the #1 source for all things Web3, and we will make sure to keep it as such. From our events to online initiatives and community workshops, Web3MTL wants to have a meaningful impact on the Web3 scene in Montréal and keep supporting one of the most interesting and inclusive tech communities in the city! 

As we are wrapping up this 2023 roadmap, we would love to reach out to the community to learn more about what YOU would like to see from Web3Montréal. We have a survey here that is just waiting to be filled out by amazing individuals like you, which will help us make Web3Montréal a better place for all.

If any of the initiatives we have highlighted are of interest to you and you would like to partake in them, or you would like to be a volunteer and help the team out, please reach out in the Web3Montréal Telegram chat, our social channels or by email at info@web3mtl.ca! We are never too many in the endeavour of growing the web3 scene in Montréal.

Additionally, if you are a leader of a community, company or group in Web3 and would love to sponsor, collaborate or host the Web3 community, please reach out to us as well as we want to work with local groups to create these amazing opportunities.

Thank you for reading and we will see you in the next article!

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